1. its very nice form but why you call class by using all direction for it ?
    for example when you need to wrate code in .form-inner form .field input{}
    what if I call input from field class like this
    .field input ?

  2. For some reason, The methods to set margin to -50% doesn't work for me. So Login form and Login text are persistent. I'm using JavaScript in a separate file by the way and I have referenced it.

  3. there is some issue with the codes (virus), i tried exploring on my localhost but eventually it took over the entire website and now none of my content is visible. only this login/signpage is showing up on all pages.tried restoring from the revision history but still doesnt work.

  4. Hello, I have done my login page using the work about plus the css very well but my css was not applied but I copied it as it was. I am using softcopy called brackets

  5. i have been trying to make a three-form format with the code u are using to make the two forms. But it has a problem the three forms are overstretching to the other kindly help


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