1. can you please help me to insert data in MySQL database. I am using this form.. but i can't to insert the data in database. please help me as soon as possible.its very urgent.
    one more thing..when i clicking the next button for first time.. it automatically reloading. after that when i clicking the next button..its work properly. please check…
    please please help me to insert the data in database. please reply me as soon as possible. you can ping me on my ph.number- 8670433547 this is my also whats app number. my email id is [email protected]

  2. Hey when I am using it on my phone devices it's not working properly. When I click on the next button it reloads to its
    First page. In laptop it's working. And When I tried to make a 5th page of this form the previous buttons are not working. I even did some changes according to the way the 5th part.

  3. Thanks for your reply!!
    The only problem I am getting if I am trying to create this with ASP.net that the form tag getting nested with another form tag.
    So is there any substitute of code to change following:-
    form action="#"
    Would like to hear from you soon.

  4. Well.. My first try was misleading. The actual issue is related to the form which is triggered with each button click inside the form because non of the buttons is preventing the event defaults. So if you change click event listener by adding the event parameter 'e' and then call e.preventDefault(), you have fixed the issue.

    For example:

    nextBtnThird.addEventListener("click", function(e){
    slidePage.style.marginLeft = "-75%";


    Do so for all buttons except the submit button itself, which indeed should trigger the form action!

  5. Unfortunately, I get the exact same issue on the desktop version too. Guess its related to the animations. If you comment the animation and transition style attributes in the css everything works great. As I do not need the animations for my use-case, this workaround is working fine for me. @CodingNepal: Great template and great work by the way! I like it!

  6. Hello, first of all, good day. Thanks for sharing this user form. I added a photo to the second page and an ID number on the third page. But I have a question that I guessed by javascript.If I add a photo on the second page, it will continue if I don't. I would love it if you could help me how to handle this problem. Good work, everyone.

  7. thank you for this code. i have learn many thing form your video in youtube. hope there is more to see from you. it will be nice if it was perfect for responsive also.

  8. Hi buddy(CodingNepal)i saw your video and it was amazing … but i have a problem . i have 9 form and in this tutorial you have made 4 forms out of 100% width with 25% each… what i have to do to make it for 9 form. please tell me asap.

  9. Hey,
    I am trying to create the wizard dynamically by using a for loop but I am stuck since days. Do you think you can help me please?

  10. Seen this on YouTube, thank you so much for the source files! It’s really helpful and clear so I was able to expand and make it responsive easily. Thanks again 🙂

  11. Nice basic script.
    But where is the validation code before going to the next step?
    Can you make the entire form into javascript with no table and div fields?
    I’ve seen the entire form imported from jotforms to a webpage

  12. I have found a bug. When you click next for the first time, it’s okay but if I click enter again just progressbar moves but form doesn’t.
    Thanks for solution:)


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