Multi Step Form with Step Progress Bar in HTML CSS & JavaScript

Hello readers, Today in this blog you'll learn how to create a Multi-Step Form with Step Progress Bar using HTML CSS & JavaScript. Earlier I have shared many blogs on how to create Login Form using HTML & CSS. So now it's time to create a Multi-Step Form in HTML.

A Multi-Step Form is a long-form that has broken into multiple pieces. This type of form asked you to enter your details step by step before submitting your form. Some Multi-Step Form has Step Progress Bar on the top of Form or on some website it's placed on the bottom. Generally, This progress bar indicates or informs a user how many steps they have completed and how many steps are remaining.

As you have seen, this type of Multi-Step Forms in many websites. Some of them are created using Bootstrap. But today in this blog, I'll share with you this program (Multi-Step Form with Step Progress) which is based on HTML CSS & JavaScript. I didn't use any JavaScript library to create this form.

This form is a long-form and it has broken into four steps. In each step, there are questions which user need to enter. And I've also added a step progress bar on the top of Form which indicates steps. There are two buttons (Next and Previous) on each step. When you click on the next button it'll redirect you to the next step and when you click on the previous button it'll redirect you to the previous step.

If you're feeling difficulty to understand what I am saying. You can watch a full video tutorial on this program (Multi-Step Form in HTML).

Video Tutorial of Multi-Step Form in HTML & CSS

I hope you like this Multi-Step Form and understood the basic codes of this program. As you have seen in the video, I didn't use any JavaScript library and CSS Framework to create this Multi-Step form. You can use this form on your websites and projects.

If you have basic knowledge of HTML CSS & JavaScript then you can also create this type of Multi-Step Form. Nowadays, this type of form is trending and used by many popular websites.

If you like this program (Multi-Step Form Design) and want to get source codes. You can easily get the source codes of this program. To get the source codes you just need to scroll down.

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Multi-Step Form using HTML CSS & JavaScript [Source Codes]

As always, before sharing the codes of this program (). Let's a few talk about the main tags and codes of this program. In the HTML File, first I created a <div> and placed all other tags inside it. Then I created <form> and placed <input> and <button> inside this tag. After that, I pasted this same codes four times and change their title.

In the CSS File, first I set a background image and placed all elements at the center. Then I gave specific height, color, padding to form a container. After that, I placed all steps horizontally and did basic styling to input, button, text, etc. Then I have hidden all the other three steps and create a step progress bar on the top of the form. Then I did some styling to this step progress bar.

There are many things I left. I can't say all things in writing. But don't worry you will understand all codes of this program (Multi-Step Form) after getting source codes. You can watch a video tutorial above for a better understanding of codes.

To create this program (Multi-Step Form). First, you need to create three Files (HTML, CSS & JavaScript). After creating these files just paste these following codes in your file.

You can also download the source code files through the given link. In the source files, there you also get a background image of this program. Click here to download source code files.



JavaScript FILE:

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