1. hello, can you tell me what should i do to get the message in my email. I have such contact form in my website written using html and css but i do not know how to make it such way that the message comes to my email. Hope you will help.

  2. Hello Im trying to figure out how to use PHP on this using our current domain not gmail. Is there a simple fix for this?

  3. Hi There ; Can i use the same code in my wordpress i’m using gutenberg i have try to past the same code in html section and i success but where i can paste the css code?

    • If you want this contact form on a particular page such as contact us then go to HTML editor and paste the whole code. Remember, you have to create a

  4. hello, i have copied the html code ,and i have found a mistake 1 , -webkit-background-clip: text; , i use chrome browser ?


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