1. Hi i wanted to know how did this form send the email. From Smtp or mail() function and does it need a php mailer for making this.
    Please leave your skype id because i have a important thing to discuss with you.

  2. Hi, I downloaded your source code, and changed the email in $reciever, but when I open the index.html file on chrome and fill out all the details and then press on “Send Message”, the message is not being sent, it is only showing “sending your message”, its not moving ahead, its not going onto next step, can you please help me what should I do. THANK YOU !

    • Sorry I can’t tell all of my plugins name for security reasons. Here are some plugins I’m using – iThemes Security, OneSignal Push Notifications, Rank Math SEO, etc.

    • I have checked and it’s saying “Sorry, failed to send your message!”. This mean you’re using free hosting and they are not providing mail service but if you’re using paid hosting and have followed all steps that are shown on this blog such as: pass your receiver email address in the $receiver variable in message.php file then contact your hosting provider and ask them why your mail is not sending.

  3. Hi, can the same code be used in continuation to the Complete Responsive Personal Portfolio Website video you made?
    And what might need to change in the code.


  4. I copied everything on your codes, and I tested I got you message has been sent, but I didn’t received any mails. I tried with 2 different email ids.

  5. Hello sir the code is working perfectly in my personal pc localhost but when i run same code in windows server live I got a message email has been sent, but I didn’t received any mails. I tried different mail and also check spam folder

    • It’s not work on your editor live server because you have configured your xampp files. So it work on localhost only.

    • Make sure your hosting provider provides mail services and you’ve done all required changes that are mentioned on the blog.


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