1. I have followed all the steps but when l press send message it doesn’t work

    it says sending message and after a couple of seconds it display the whole Php code on the screen.

    I use Google drive as my server

  2. Hello, CN! I hope you’re well! First, thank you so much for this great project! Dear CN, can you create “real comment system” and share with us? please? 🙂

  3. Hey,

    I have using your code 2 days working fine after now mail is note receiving form is working complete process mail is sent notification come but mail is not receiving. I am use your code in live server. can you please help me to solve out this thing.

  4. Hi, I used to use a js folder so that I have changed the script.js file path in html file and updated the path to .php file but it does not work.
    I’ve also tried to add in js folder message.php.

    In root folder everything works correctly.

    Can you please give me some help?

  5. Hi
    by hosting the application on a host for example hostinger will it always work?

    which server can i use so that the application can work online because it works locally with xampp but i want to make it work online like a real web application

  6. Hi,

    Does this still work? Mine doesn’t, it worked for 2 emails then it stopped working. It says that the message has been delivered but I cant see any in my gmail.

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for your help with this. I am having trouble understanding exactly where I put the receiver email address.
    Do I replace the text “receiver_email_address” with my email address? I have tried this with no success.
    Thanks again!

  8. Hey man, thnk you for all ur tutos there are all good , could you plz made a video about liking button? runing as instagrm likes plz

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for the excellent contact form.
    I sit possible to put it on several pages. I have tried but it only works on the index.html page.

    Please advise.


  10. Thx for uploading this its working but there’s a little problem when you use this contact form and its that when you send any message with Arabic Language or any UTF8 only languages the text appear like this ������ so plz can you fix this issue and send to me the updated code

    If you don’t understand what is the issue its that Arabic text don’t appear like a readable Arabic

    Normal Arabic Looks Like:
    السلام عليكم

    This contact form Arabic Looks like:

    So plzz help and thx

  11. Works perfectly! Thank you! I need to have add a page redirect to the php … to my thank you page after email sent. What script do I need to add and where to do that? THANK YOU!

  12. Hi Nepal I Am A Big Fan i didnt know how to code but you thought me alot of HTML and CSS just wanted to find out do i need anything for this to work besides a hosting provider

    • You need an online server to work this contact form. If you are using this project for learning then you can use free hosting and they also provide free sub-domains.

  13. I am a school level computer science student and I am making a functional website for my father with homepage, contact, gallery, etc. and I am currently making in my computer on html files and he is planning to launch it. Is it possible as I am not using any hosting service now and planning to use wordpress later.

  14. Dear Thanks for Making easy to use
    i got mail on gmail but when we send a mail msg Error Your message has been sent are showin on website
    mail working form working but only this msg are showing on website
    please reply me if possible

  15. I have followed all the steps mentioned in the blog, when I press the send message button it displays “the message has been send” but I didn’t receive any email. I am using 000webhost

    • Did you put your email address in the mentioned variable? If yes, then this problem is from the hosting. You can try it on paid hosting.

  16. Hello, when I put my email in the php code and execute and write the information, it does not return to my email, is there an error or something else to add

  17. Hi!
    Im on hostinger and they have a php mail server and I have gotten it to work before. I used parts of your code and I keep getting a POST 404 error. Any thoughts on this?

    • Make sure your hosting provider provides mail services and you’ve done all required changes that are mentioned on the blog.

  18. Hello sir the code is working perfectly in my personal pc localhost but when i run same code in windows server live I got a message email has been sent, but I didn’t received any mails. I tried different mail and also check spam folder

    • It’s not work on your editor live server because you have configured your xampp files. So it work on localhost only.

  19. I copied everything on your codes, and I tested I got you message has been sent, but I didn’t received any mails. I tried with 2 different email ids.

    • Please, check your spam folder if you have entered proper email address in the $receiver variable.

  20. Hi, can the same code be used in continuation to the Complete Responsive Personal Portfolio Website video you made?
    And what might need to change in the code.


    • I have checked and it’s saying “Sorry, failed to send your message!”. This mean you’re using free hosting and they are not providing mail service but if you’re using paid hosting and have followed all steps that are shown on this blog such as: pass your receiver email address in the $receiver variable in message.php file then contact your hosting provider and ask them why your mail is not sending.

    • But I am already using 000webhost and cant recive emails and I have changed the code and checked the email in reciver

    • Sorry I can’t tell all of my plugins name for security reasons. Here are some plugins I’m using – iThemes Security, OneSignal Push Notifications, Rank Math SEO, etc.

    • No, you’ve to enter the receiver email address in the $receiver variable in the message.php file

  21. Hi, I downloaded your source code, and changed the email in $reciever, but when I open the index.html file on chrome and fill out all the details and then press on “Send Message”, the message is not being sent, it is only showing “sending your message”, its not moving ahead, its not going onto next step, can you please help me what should I do. THANK YOU !

  22. Hi i wanted to know how did this form send the email. From Smtp or mail() function and does it need a php mailer for making this.
    Please leave your skype id because i have a important thing to discuss with you.


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