Make a Website in HTML CSS & JavaScript | Website with Source Code


Make a Website in HTML CSS & JavaScript | Website with Source Code

Hello friend, I hope you are doing and creating awesome projects. As usual today in today’s blog, you will learn to create a Responsive Website in HTML CSS, and JavaScript this website will be focused on the coffee base. The website will have a header, navigating menu bar, sidebar, sliding home content and testimonial footer, and others as a normal website need to have. Earlier I created a Personal Portfolio Website, that you guys liked so much.

A website is a combination of web pages and sections like a navigation menu bar, side navigation bar (for small media devices), home section, footer, images, animations, and others. We can find many websites on the internet like e-commerce websites, sports websites, coffee shops or production websites, and news websites, although they have similar bases and functions except for text content and images.

Have a quick look at the given preview of our website. On the image, we can see an image of coffee and what coffee means, and we can get the idea that this is a coffee website. On the image, we can see the logo, navigation bar home section, images menu section, about section, testimonial, newsletter, and footer. There are lots of other features that are hidden and or unshown.

I would like to show the virtual demo of this coffee website, by showing the video tutorial you will see the responsive part of this website and animations. Also, you will get an idea of how all the HTML CSS and vanilla JavaScript code works properly behind this website.

Make a Website in HTML CSS & JavaScript | Video Tutorial

I have provided all the HTML CSS and JavaScript code that I have used to build this coffee website. Before getting into the source code file, I would like to elaborate on the given video tutorial of our coffee website.

As you have seen on the video tutorial of the coffee website. On the screen, we have seen a home section with a sliding feature and a navigation menu bar. When I scrolled the website that navigation got coffee color and it stuck on the top. After continued scrolling, we have seen, the menu, review, newsletter, and footer sections with beautiful animations. Have you noticed that when I scrolled the home section a little bit the scroll button activate, which helped us to go to the home section of the website?

Also, we have seen a navigation link indicator that shows us our section where also we can reach all the main sections by clicking on the navigation link. For the UI and UX, I used HTML and CSS and for the toggle sidebar, while the website got small screen-sized devices, I used JavaScript. To slide the home section image and testimonial I have used swipe.js and for the animation on a scroll, I used scroll reveal.

On the responsive part, we have seen our horizontal navigation menu bar converted into the vertical sidebar and other sections also fitted as per screen sizes. The website fitted perfectly on all-screen media devices like laptops, tablets,s, and mobile phones.

I hope now you can make this coffee website using HTML CSS and JavaScript, If you are feeling difficulty creating this website you can follow the given tutorial, for follow the tutorial I have given the files and the link is in the video description. If you want to download all the source code and images that I have used for this coffee website, The download button has given below.

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You can download the source code files for this Responsive Coffee Website for free by clicking on the download button, and you can also view a live demo of this card slider by clicking on the view live button.


View Live Demo


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