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How to Create Todo List App in HTML CSS & JavaScript


Hello friend, I hope you are doing well. As usual, today you will learn How to Create Todo List App in HTML CSS & JavaScript. This project will definitely help boost your knowledge and give you some better ideas for creating this type of to-do list application.

Todo lists are the work that you have to do or you want to do. And, the to-do list app is the place where you can keep your to-do lists. You can find this type of application on any type of mobile device.

Have a look at the given image of our project todo list application, as you can see on the image there is an input field to write your todo, and bottom of the input field there are some todo lists that you have kept. The upper two are in the checked condition which means that two words have been done that’s why its text has a line through. The last one is undone that’s why it is unchecked and has not to line through.

At the bottom of the lists, you can see the text which indicates to us that one task has to be done. On the right side of that that there is a clear all button, by clicking it we can clear all the tasks at once. I have also added a clear button form so that we can delete our to-do list partially.

To watch the demo of this to-do list application, and all HTML CSS, and JavaScript, I have provided a video tutorial below. By watching the given video tutorial of this to-do list application, you can get an idea of how the to-do list application can be created easily.

Create Todo List App in HTML CSS & JavaScript | Video Tutorial

I have provided all the HTML CSS and JavaScript code that I have used to create this To-Do List Application, before getting the source code file, I would be delighted to briefly explain the given video tutorial of this To-Do List Application.

As you have seen in the video tutorial To-Do List Application. At first, there was an input field with a grey border and a grey icon, bottom of it there was an indicator text which shows we have no task to do and delete all button to delete which was in disabled status. When I focus input field its border color and icon color change into blues.

When I entered my to-do task and pressed enter that task appeared between the input field and indicator text, After that the indicator showed that we have one task to do. And, at the task list, we had the option of checking and unchecking, a task’s delete button, and that disabled delete button was also activated.

I showed you that we can delete an individual task by clicking or all task by clicking on the clear all button. When I checked and unchecked the individual task then our total todo task also changed. When  I started lots of to-do tasks on that to-do list application, after a limited height, we saw a scroll bar, from where we could see our other tasks.

The UI design of this to-do list application is made of HTML and CSS. To add the task, delete it and check and uncheck it I have used some vanilla JavaScript code.

I hope now you can create this Todo List Application using HTML CSS and JavaScript. If you are feeling difficulty making this application. I have also provided all the source code files below. From there you can download all the source codes.

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Create Todo List App [Source Code]

you can download the source code files for this Todo List Application for free by clicking on the download button, and you can also view a live demo of this card slider by clicking on the view live button.


View Live Demo




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