Responsive Vertical Timeline Design using only HTML & CSS

Hey friends, today in this you'll learn how to create Fully Responsive Vertical Timeline Design using only HTML & CSS. In the earlier blog, I have shared how to create a Responsive Testimonials Section using only HTML & CSS and now it's time to create a Vertical Timeline using only HTML & CSS. This is a requested design of our one subscriber so if you also want a video or blog on any coding-related topic then you can comment on our YouTube videos or blogs.

Generally, A timeline is a chart listing the important events for progressive years within a particular historical time. The vertical timeline is navigated with a vertical line and moves vertically when you scroll it. Nowadays, every website has its own timeline to display a particular event because a timeline is also a part of web design and it is a perfect way to show important historical events.

In our timeline design, as you can see in the preview image, there is a vertical timeline where we have perfectly shown the title, description, date, and writer name of the particular event. At the center of the design, there is a vertical white line with icons, and each icon points to its related event and there is a total of six events but you can easily add more. At the last of the timeline, there is a scroll-up icon so you can easily reach the top of the page by just clicking on this icon. The best things about this timeline are responsive, mobile-friendly, and it is created using only HTML & CSS.

Video Tutorial of Responsive Timeline Vertical Design

In the video tutorial, you have seen our vertical timeline and its responsiveness. I already told you this is a pure CSS program so if you're a beginner in web designing then you can also easily understand the codes of this design and can also create this type of timeline or something else. To create this timeline and to make it responsive, I used CSS flexbox property and you can also create this timeline using float - left/right but this is an old styling method and nowadays no one uses it because using flexbox we can easily alignment an element.

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Responsive CSS Timeline Design [Source Codes]

To create this program [CSS Timeline Design]. First, you need to create two Files one HTML File and another one is CSS File. After creating these files just paste the following codes into your file. You can also download the source code files of this timeline design from the below download button.




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