Automatic Image Slideshow Effect in HTML CSS & JavaScript

Hello readers, Today in this blog you'll learn how to create an Image Slider Toggle Buttons or slider control in HTML CSS & JavaScript. Earlier I have shared a Responsive CSS Profile Cards using HTML & CSS. Now it's time to create an image slider buttons using JavaScript that slides images forward and backward.

Image sliders typically show one big image at a time with a little snippet of texts, each linked to a page. The images get automatically or manually forward, allowing you to click on whichever image that piqued your interest to go to a linked page to read more.

Today in this blog, I'll share with you this program (Image Slider Toggle Button). These sliders are based in JavaScript that means to slide these images forward and backward on button click is only possible with JavaScript. Those bottom five buttons are used to slide images forward and backward one by one. And that left side and right side toggle buttons are used to show the previous and next image.

If you're feeling difficult to understand what I am saying. You can watch a full video tutorial on this program (Image Slider Toggle Button with HTML CSS & JavaScript).

Video Tutorial of Image Slider Toggle Buttons in JavaScript

If you like this image slider program and want to get source codes. You can easily get the source codes of this program. To get the source codes you just need to scroll down. You can also create this type of image slider using HTML & CSS only but your CSS codes will be much longer than JavaScript codes.

If you're a beginner and you have basic knowledge of HTML CSS & JavaScript then you can easily use this program in your projects and websites. And you can also easily customize this program according to your requirements.

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Image Slider Toggle Buttons in JavaScript [Source Codes]

As always, before sharing the codes of this program (Image Slider Toggle Buttons). Let's a few talk about the main tags and codes of this program. In the HTML File, first I created a <div> with the class name "content" and place all other tags inside it. Then I create another <div> for image container. Inside this tag, I have created five <img> tags and inserted the image URL address.

After that, I created two <div> for previous and next slider buttons. Similarly, I created a last <div> with the class name "btm-sliders" and placed five <span> tag inside. I used a span tag to create bottom slider buttons.

In the CSS File, first I reset default margins and padding to 0; Then using flex property I placed all images/elements at the center. After that, I did basic styling to images like I gave proper height and width to images. And placed all images horizontally then hide all images which overflow the image container. Similarly, I created bottom slider buttons and left previous and right next buttons as you see in the video.

In the JavaScript File, first I created a function and called all required HTML tags/elements using their tag name or class name. Then I created if statement and inside this statement, I wrote a condition if e is greater than image.length then indexValue is must be equal to 1; And similarly, I created another if statement and inside this statement, I wrote a condition if e is smaller than 1 then indexValue is must be equal to img.length. 

There are many things I left. Because I can't say all things in writing. I'm just talking about the main codes of this program. But, don't worry you'll understand all codes and programs after getting the source code of this program.

To create this program (Image Slider Toggle Buttons). First, you need to create two Files one HTML File and another one is CSS File. After creating these files just paste these following codes in your file. You can also download the source code files through the given link. In the source files, there you also get the background images of this program. Click here to download source code files.

I recommend you to download the source code files from the above link instead of copying codes.



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